For me it’s been very hard to come to terms and accept the circumstances surrounding Wayne’s death, each day is just as hard as the next to get through without thinking why, what if, if only; it’s something that will stay with me forever.

It maddens me how our governments continue to let our courts run a catch and release program for impaired drivers who kill over 1800 Canadians each year, and injure thousands more.

Since Wayne’s life was lost to alleged drunk driver, I’ve kept myself informed on the cases of other families suffering the same fate, and to see the meager number of two to three year sentences handed out for taking someone’s life and then watching as the parole boards release them with less than 1/3 of their time served.

This is a slap in the face to all victims! The only thing the courts seem to be worried about is the rights of the accused.

I recently attended the Empty Shoe Campaign held in Cochrane in June, intended to represent lives lost to impaired drivers and I was asked by a reporter, “What do you see here?”  At the time, the right words to describe it just didn’t come to mind, but after walking among the rows of 1800 shoes and looking at all the faces in the pictures of those who died, their hopes and dreams; their futures all cut short by someone’s CHOICE,   I could see a complete failure by our justice system.

It’s very clear that education and awareness is still not enough to stop those who refuse to listen. I’d like to challenge all of our elected officials especially Stephen Harper, Leon Benoit, Peter Goldring and Peter MacKay, all of whom I’ve written letters to, to get out and speak directly to families and see firsthand how these impaired drivers are destroying families. Then go talk to the emergency responders and the police officers who had to ring the doorbell, and see how their affected.  Mr. Harper it only took your government a year after the death of a police dog to table a mandatory minimum sentencing for crimes against service animals that serve. Why is taking so long for you to do the same for those who kill behind the wheel. 

I ask all that see or read this to go online and check Families for Justice  and look into the eyes of those who should still be with us, and sign our petition for minimum mandatory sentencing. Impaired driving is not a mistake, it’s not accident. It’s a choice and it’s the wrong Choice!!!! 

SUBMITTED by Robert Rinas, brother to Wayne Rinas


CTV News video, CLICK HERE



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