The mother of one of three young men killed by a drunk driver says she was left “flabbergasted” by an unexpected delay in the sentencing.

Johnathan Pratt was found guilty of three counts of impaired operation causing death and three counts of manslaughter.

He was to be sentenced in Wetaskiwin on Friday, but it’s now expected to take place on Aug. 28, 2014.

Alberta Justice says more time was needed to prepare the Gladue report, which can be requested when the offender is Aboriginal.

But Sheri Arsenault says it should have already been done by now, after Pratt was found guilty in mid-May.

“It was discussed with us and we were informed at the day of the conviction that that report would take approximately two weeks to three weeks to complete,” explained Arsenault.

Arsenault says she’ll keep working on her victim impact statement and head back to work for now, which she hopes will be a bit of a diversion.

“We’re very, very disappointed. But, on the same hand, we understand that Mr. Pratt is entitled to this report so there’s not much we can do. We are at the mercy of our justice system.”

Arsenault says she has been to court over 30 times now as the families await justice in the case.

“It’s just hard to believe that it takes this long for resolution to come to such a serious crime. The loss of three young men — like my son — every day I still cry and can’t believe that this has happened.”

Her son Bradley was killed, along with Kole Novak, and Thaddeus Lake, when a pickup truck slammed into their car near Beaumont on Nov. 26, 2011. 

Source:  i880 News


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