Oct 09, 2012 - BOB DYLAN IS COMING TO EDMONTON.....why is this important to me?

For some crazy reason Brad loved Bob Dylan.  His favorite album was “Blonde on Blonde” and one of his favorite songs was “Hurricane.”

Brad had an extremely wide taste in music.  His IPOD survived the collision and believe it or not he has over 9000 songs on it and it is still intact and works!  Anyone who knew Brad knows how precious his IPOD was to him, he LOVED his music!

I will admit I always liked it when Bob Dylan was playing in our house, because really who’s better than Bob Dylan?  It was so much easier on the ears when he would do his homework to Dylan blaring.

Oct 9th, 2012.  This is the date that 8 of us will attend Bob Dylan for 3 main reasons.

  1. To honor Brad, he would have been beside himself just knowing Dylan was coming to town.
  2. Because we all believe Brad will be right there with us in the 9th seat
  3. Because Bob Dylan is 71 years old.  Some would say a fossil.  But we all like Bob Dylan and Brad loved that fossil. Our seats are in the 11th row and at the side of the stage.  We will be able to see his wrinkles and Bradley would have got a kick out of that. 

We will put on our best folkie jeans and BKT bracelet up and if Dylan sings “Hurricane’ well that’s for Brad.  If Bob Dylan sings “Forever Young”, well, that’s for all of us!

Submitted by: Sheri

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