Halifax Regional Police are using a unique suit to demonstrate the hazards of drinking and driving.

Ford Canada’s “Drunk Suit” is specially designed to allow the user to stimulate the effects of being under the influence.

“Well, I feel when you’re driving, it’s all about reflexes and my reflexes were definitely really slowed down,” says Marybeth Garson, who volunteered to try the suit at the Halifax Forum Tuesday morning. “I just wouldn’t react to anything quickly, enough to drive at least.”

Marybeth Garson demonstrates the "drunk suit" in Halifax on Sept. 16, 2014.

Halifax Regional Police laid 104 impaired driving charges in August – double the number of impaired driving charges laid in July – and say drinking and driving continues to be an issue across the province.

“We lose four people a day to impaired driving here in Canada, 178 people get injured every day,” says Const. John McLeod. “We charge 35 to 40 people every month here in the city alone, and for most of that we just need to encourage more and more people to call.”

The suit is being used across North America as part of a safe driving program for teens.

Source: CTV News Atlantic



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