As a way of showing our love and support for the families of BKT (as Sheri is my husband's cousin) we have decided to put on a fundraiser in support of MADD Canada. The reason for doing it was simple - the need to bring awareness. In reading the Arsenault's Family Mission Statement, I could not be more compelled and motivated in wanting to do something - because it is the right thing to do. I have read numerous face book posts from Sheri, MADD Canada, Families for Justice, and Don't Drink & Drive to know that we all need to take this seriously and take an active role to see some serious changes come about.

How did I come up with my fundraising idea? I am a disabled person.  I take photographs as a way of coping & distracting my life of living with chronic pain. This is not a business but a pass time. I then turn them into photo cards, mugs, t-shirts and collages. I have now accumulated quite a collection. When I acquired my collection of photos I knew there was more I could do with them and I kept thinking of Bradley - - then the idea came to me of the fundraiser.  I have taken some scenic photographs of Mission, Harrison Hot Springs, Stanley Park, & Steveston as well as floral (a wide assortment).  I have turned them into 5 x 7 photo cards and 11 x 14 collages (only available of the scenic landscapes). On Saturday, August 11th, I will be selling these at the venue listed below with all proceeds going in support of MADD Canada in memory of Bradley, Kole and Thaddeus. 

I will be setting up outside & in front of Save On Foods at the strip mall. It is a high traffic area with anchor stores like Canadian Tire, London Drugs and many fast food placesl. We will be there from 10:30 - 2:00 pm. Look for us under the MADD Canada Banner.

Come by to sign the Families for Justice petition, come see the wide selection of photo cards, make a purchase or make a donation, or simply come by and pick up a Red Ribbon from the MADD Campaign to wear.  

I would like to thank Graeme Laurie, Superstore Photo Lab Manager for his generous donation and support, Tracy Crawford -MADD Canada and Markita Kaulius - Families For Justice.

We look forward to seeing you! We will have lots of information to share with you! If interested in more information you can contact


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