After learning what their son’s killer plans to do this week, the Lake family shared their thoughts with Global News.

In November 2011, a deadly collision in Beaumont claimed the life of 22-year-old Thaddeus Lake along with his two friends Bradley Arsenault and Kole Novak, who were both 18.

Last month, Johnathan Pratt was sentenced to eight years for killing the three while driving drunk.

The Lake family has recently learned Pratt is planning on appealing both his conviction and sentence.

“I think we felt an absolutely tremendous level of disappointment, no question,” said Thaddeus’ father, Tony Lake.

“It stirs everything up again,” added Thaddeus’ mother, Karen Lake.

Pratt had been driving 199 kilometers an hour in a 70 zone near Beaumont the night of the crash. His blood alcohol was two-and-a-half times the legal limit. He pleaded not guilty to all 9 counts.

The Lakes say it’s not about exacting punishment for them, but rather about him accepting responsibility.

“Just say, ‘I screwed up, I’m sorry. And I’m willing to serve the consequences that the court system gives me. I made a mistake, I got caught, I reflected on it, I can’t right it, I can’t change anything about it. But I can be sorry, and I can face the consequences of my actions,” Tony Lake said.

Global News tried contacting Pratt’s lawyer today but did not receive a response.

The Lake family is hoping people will help build Thaddeus’ legacy by donating to the Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation for Disadvantaged Children.

Source: Global News


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