Cst. Travise Dow of the Amherst, Nova Scotia, detachment was awarded MADD Canada’s 2014 Terry Ryan Memorial Award for excellence in police services.  The award was to recognize Dow’s tireless work in combating impaired driving through enforcement and education.

“I was a little taken back by it,” he said in an interview with Global News. “It was a powerful moment. You know, engaging with lots of families that have felt the impact of impaired driving.”

Dow says he is always on the look-out for impaired drivers.

“Wandering in their lane, driving too fast, driving too slow, all might be indicators.”

He certainly knows the signs. Dow says in his 12-year career he’s apprehended more than 400 impaired drivers.

Kali O’Dell’s parents were killed by a drunk driver eight years ago.

“Almost everybody now knows someone who’s been affected by impaired driving whether it’s through a friend or family,” she said.

A Maritime RCMP officer has made his community proud by winning a prestigious national award


That is a heartbreaking reality for Dow.

“I am not ashamed to say it brings tears. Absolutely lots of families are affected by this.”

In his 12 years as an RCMP officer, Dow has responded to countless accidents caused by impaired drivers.

According to RCMP, there are 1,200 to 1,500 deaths each year in Canada related to impaired driving. So far, RCMP in New Brunswick have laid 523 impaired driving charges. In Nova Scotia, RCMP have laid 591.

Dow says telling a family they’ve lost a loved one is indescribable.

“It’s very difficult you know it can be emotional as RCMP officers we try to block those things out.”

But he’s still forced to use a roadside screener and give sobriety tests.

“Some people feel they won’t get caught and some people are new drivers and have not been engaged by police officers.”

Each day, four people across Canada are killed by a drunk driver.

“It hurts my heart that people are still doing it.”

Source: Global News



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