For Canadians who gathered this past weekend to thank God for the year’s harvest, blessings, and health, another item should be tacked onto the gratitude list: safe travels. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police launched its “Operation Impact” initiative over the long weekend in an effort to make the roads safe for the many residents traveling to cottages and getaways.

Focusing on impaired driving, distracted driving, seatbelt violations, and reckless driving, officials vigilantly manned the roadways to ensure pleasant travels for innocent motorists and to reprimand those not-so-innocent. “Out of over 200 fatalities this year on Ontario provincial police patrolled roadways, nearly 168 of those were preventable,” remarked Ontario Sergeant Dave Rektor. Over 70 people were charged with impaired driving, and 935 received speeding tickets.

Operation Impact, a concerted nationwide initiative, is part of a drive to bring to fruition Road Safety Strategy 2015,which would make Canada’s roadways the safest in the world. The campaign that originally lasted only a day now spans the long four-day weekend.

While “thanksgiving” may not be the first word that comes to mind for the driver that glances in his rear view mirror and sees the flashing lights of a patrol car, the decision by the RCMP to clamp down on impaired driving is a blessing in disguise when it results in safer streets. Since deaths caused by motorists driving under the influence of alcohol are 100% preventable, stopping the 3-4 deaths that occur per day because of impaired driving in Canada is a must.

For families that have suffered tragedies caused by motorists driving while drunk, the measures of Operation Impact are not resented. Indeed, if it were possible to see the lives and limbs spared as a result of Thanksgiving weekend’s Operation Impact, the gratitude and thanksgiving would far outweigh the groans.

Source: eCanada Now


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