Aug 14, 2012 - WEST COAST BKT FUNDRAISER UPDATE (MISSION BC) - submitted by Ann Mariner

So many things I have learned in one day - if I had to say was it a successful day in terms of selling my photo cards/collages, not so much.  Although, I did make a very large sale to a tourist from South Africa who bought a few collages and a set of photo cards and was grateful to have the souvenirs of Mission and Stanley Park to take back home.  

I would say, it wasn't about the sales as there is more time for that.  It was about bringing awareness to our community regarding MADD Canada & the Families for Justice Petition

We learned about some unbelievable tragedies such as Olga the elderly lady who lived in Burnaby over 40 years ago. She shared the story with us that she herself witnessed a young pregnant mother crossing Hastings with her toddler in a stroller and was hit by a "drunk driver" as she put it and was killed with her unborn child in her as well as her toddler, all of them gone.

Olga has never forgotten that, as she was a young mother at the time and now her children are all grown up.  Then two months later, again on Hastings she witnessed another mother with a toddler in a stroller crossing the street who was struck and both the toddler and mother were again killed by a drunk driver. She has seen two tragedies in her life time caused by drunk drivers and wants it to stop. She is now 78 years old and doesn't think anything will happen to them (Impaired drivers who are responsible for the deaths) before she dies!  

We gathered 150 signatures on a very slow and extremely hot summer day. The people that did come out were glad to see us. When they learned of the passing of Bradley, Kole and Thad, they expressed their condolences and support! We then were able to educate them on Families for Justice and have them gladly sign the petition.  

By gaining signatures on the Petition for people who agree that there needs to be minimum mandatory sentencing, and that the Criminal Code of Canada needs to amend the offense of impaired driving causing a death to redefine the offense to vehicular manslaughter we can see to these changes for the future of Canadians.  Thank you to Olga for changing the focus of my day!

As part of the MADD Canada campaign, we tied Red Ribbons on everyone!  We definitely made ourselves visible with the MADD Canada Banner & MADD Candlelight Memorial Banner that contained 1000 photos of victims who were killed by impaired drivers.

It was heartwarming to hear a mother explaining to her young children what these pictures signified and why they were being memorialized.

They listened intently as she explained what people do when they drink too much and get in their car and drive - and kill people.

There was a lot of impact in those words she spoke and with those children staring intently at those pictures!


We had our eyes and our hearts opened once again! By getting out into the community you learn so much!  Glad to be a part of it and hopefully to have made a difference!

So it isn't about the money I make selling my photo cards/collages to donate to MADD Canada, although it is a beautiful tribute I want to make in memory of BKT and I will keep it on-going.  It is about what we can do to help educate people through MADD Canada and through Families for Justice


To the Arsenault Family,

Although we are far, we couldn't be more closer to you now in thought! All we do is in loving memory of BKT - Forever Young


The West Coast Mariners  



Thank You To: Darryl, Manager, Save On Foods, Junction, Graeme Laurie, Photo Lab Manager, Super Store, Mission. Tracy Crawford, MADD Canada, Markita Kaulius, Families For Justice, Suburban Printers in Leduc,

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