It was a sobering lesson on impairment.

Saskatoon media alongside sales staff at Merlin Ford and Lincoln in Saskatoon were given a chance to experience what it would be like to run through a sobriety test while impaired with the help of Ford Canada’s “drunk-driving suit” on Monday morning.

The drunk-driving suit, which simulates being impaired by using a number of weights and restraints, is a tool used to show the public the impacts of drinking and driving first hand.

Const. Elmer Russell with the Saskatchewan RCMP said the he feels the demonstration helps educate the public about impaired driving, as it provides a visual example of how even a small amount of alcohol can impact a person.

The drunk driving suit in action

“This is an excellent replication of what it’s like to be impaired,” he said.

“It gives an above average view of the person that has the suit on and how it impairs your ability for your gross motor control and your ability to act and function as a regular sober individual.”

“You can try to make the body function as much as what it is supposed to, but the alcohol takes over and prevents that,” he added later.

Tom Geenen, a member of the Merlin Ford and Lincoln sales staff underwent a sobriety test while wearing the suit. He said it was stiff lesson in why driving sober is important.

“It was definitely a sobering experience,” he said.

“It makes you realize that when you go out and you have one or two, how impaired you really are,” Geenen stressed.

“I found it was very challenging. I’ve never been through a sobriety test or anything like that, so for me it was a complete eye-opener.”

Russell said with the holidays around the corner, RCMP in Saskatchewan will be ramping up enforcement throughout the province and is reminding drivers that if they’re going to drink, don’t drive.

Source: Metro News


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