Team Alexa all stars Cst. Brian Dunnett, left, and Cst. Brian Davis. This past year Davis caught 101 impaired drivers and Dunnett caught 66. They both work in the municipal traffic section of the RCMP.   

The mother who lost her then four-year-old daughter to a drunk driver acknowledged Tuesday the efforts of northern B.C. RCMP officers to keep those too impaired to be behind the wheel off the road.

In all, 38 officers were named to the 2013 Alexa's Team, whose life was cut short in May 2008 when an impaired driver plowed into her and her aunt while they were feeding a horse by the side of a Ladner road. Carol Berner, 56, was subsequently convicted of impaired driving causing bodily harm and death and was sentenced to 30 months in jail.

Her mother, Laurel, was on hand to present awards to B.C. officers who snagged at least a dozen impaired drivers during 2013. In all, they accounted for issuing 1,247 drug and alcohol related infractions, including 552 immediate roadside prohibitions for 90 days and 70 reports to Crown Counsel.

For the third year in a row, Cst. Brian Davis made the Alexa's All-Stars team for being among the 25 most productive officers in that regard. During 2013, he took 101 drivers off the road.

As well, Cst. Bryan Dunnett made the All-Stars as he removed 66.

Other Prince George RCMP municipal traffic services members named to the team were Cst. Wayne Connell, 36 drivers, Cst. Bill Brown, 32 drivers, and Cst. Dan Turner, 22 drivers.

Prince George regional provincial traffic members named to the team were Cst. Matt Schick, 27 drivers, and Cst. Joe McLelland, 28 drivers.

Prince George Integrated Road Safety Unit members named to the team were Cst. Serge Bruneau, 44 drivers, and Cst. Greg Olson, 63 drivers.

Source: Prince George Citizen


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