While police are handing out candy canes to remind motorists to drive sober, some continue to land on the naughty list.

RCMP, in partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, conducted Candy Cane Checkstops on the weekend to hand out the treat and remind drivers to have a plan if they are drinking.

“If you get behind the wheel impaired by drugs or alcohol you are endangering yourself and others. In the year 2014, there are so many options available; there is truly no excuse for impaired driving”, says Cpl. Colette Zazulak of the Spruce Grove/Stony Plain RCMP.

Edmonton police arrested and charged 17 alleged drunk drivers and issued 22 roadside suspensions at three Checkstop locations during their three-day campaign over the weekend.

On Dec. 5 and 6, Spruce Grove-Stony Plain RCMP charged nine impaired drivers.

Officers from that detachment alone also handed out two 30-day suspensions for Graduated Driver’s Licences, five 72-hours suspensions, two 24-hour suspensions for drug impairment, and nine 24-hour suspensions for alcohol.

Additionally, there were two liquor violations, 11 criminal code charges and seven warrants executed.

Meanwhile, some local Twitter accounts have emerged, tweeting Checkstop locations.

“It is not illegal to do that,” said Alberta’s justice minister Jonathan Denis. “A person’s freedom of expression is covered by the charter but it runs contrary to people’s public safety and to many people who’ve lost loved ones at the hands of a drunk driver. I think it’s disgusting, but it’s not illegal.”

But city police spokesman Scott Pattison noted that many of the Checkstop locations are mobile, so by the time they’re tweeted out, they could have moved.

“Officers have spent enough time knocking on people’s doors, delivering the grim news that a loved one has been killed by an impaired driver,” Pattison said. “Obviously, it’s a societal problem that continues.”

Pattison said it doesn’t take a lot of extra expense or forethought to call a cab, or get a ride from a designated driver.

“There really are no more excuses — there never was and there never is — for drinking and driving,” he said.

“Enough people have died. We should all be getting the message by now.”

Source: Edmonton Sun


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