In an effort to help more Canadians avoid traffic accidents and make it home safely to enjoy the 2014 Christmas holidays, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police launched its annual Christmas season checkstops on Friday, December 5, officially known as National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day. RCMP Constables plan on continuing their efforts to remove drivers from the roadways who are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in order to make the highways safer for everyone. The RCMP is using such state of the art technology as breath screening devices in order to determine if a driver is driving their vehicle in an impaired state.

And if drivers who weren’t caught in the act of impaired driving on December 5 think they can continue their poor driving behavior, they should know that the RCMP is committed to stepping up their enforcement efforts against impaired driving throughout the entire month of December. In Alberta alone, law enforcement officials have estimated that more then 450 people were killed in roadway accidents over the past five years as a direct result of someone who had been drinking and then driving. And more than 7,000 people during that same period were involved in car accidents that caused some degree of injury.

The RCMP also revealed that impaired driving is unfortunately increasing among young drivers, with more teenagers making risky choices when they are either driving a vehicle themselves or being a passenger in a car driving by someone impaired by alcohol. The RCMP also reminds Canadians that mixing prescription medication with alcohol is dangerous and results in impaired driving which can lead to an arrest. Officials also note that driving while high on marijuana can have the same deadly effect as driving drunk, since smoking weed increases car accident risk.

Source: eCanadaNow


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