Sometimes deterrence is enough, regardless of the reason behind it.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary posted a checkpoint on the Lewin Parkway from 2-3 p.m. Tuesday. Hundreds of vehicles passed through the busy thoroughfare as officers spoke with drivers searching for signs of impairment.

Officers were also being watchful for unsafe driving habits and defective vehicles, but impaired driving is the primary focus during the holiday season.

A mid-afternoon checkpoint may not be the most efficient enforcement tool, acknowledged Const. Scott Mosher, but the public awareness it generates is a useful deterrent.

The officer hopes education leads to less impaired driving, but the fear of being caught still keeps drunk drivers off the streets.

“That should not be their primary concern,” Mosher said.

With the nature of the season, there are more people travelling throughout the city to visit family and friends. That often comes with consumption of alcohol as part of the socializing. Sometimes that can be done in excess, whether it is purposefully or just not realizing how much. No matter the quantity, police agencies do not want people behind the wheel when they are impaired. It is a safety concern for that person, anybody else in the vehicle, and other motorists and pedestrians.

During the last month or so, Mosher said there has been a slight increase in the incidents of impaired driving in Corner Brook. He would not correlate that directly to more frequent impaired driving, but said there are many factors that could contribute — more enforcement and greater public assistance.

He said checkpoints such as the one created Tuesday afternoon will be conducted at various times and places throughout the province during the holiday season.

The checkpoint in Corner Brook resulted in one ticket administered for open alcohol in a vehicle, reported Mosher.

Source: The Western Star


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