Family of a young man whose life was taken at the hands of an alleged impaired driver hope his death was not in vain.

Ramil and Grace Pesa, parents of Francis Pesa, 20, along with their three other sons, Hervin, 21, Hugo, 11 and Rob nine, were emotional as family friend Rizalyn Reyes spoke to reporters Wednesday.

Francis’ girlfriend, Christina Quatch, who was in the car with him the night of the crash, was also on hand.

“Those who knew Francis were fortunate to love a man devoted to the care of his brothers, honoured to shoulder responsibility from his parents, and committed to the welfare of his friends,” said Reyes, adding Francis was quick to sacrifice his social life to help out at home.

“It is difficult to articulate the profound impact that this crash and Francis’ death (have) had on all of his friends and family and all those who feel deep sorrow at such a senseless tragedy.”

Mere hours before the crash, Francis’ family returned from the Philippines where they had lost 41 relatives in Typhoon Haiyan.

Reyes said Francis and Quatch were driving to their favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Country Hills to get dinner for the family when a Dodge Ram collided with the BMW they were in on Metis Tr.

The Dodge previously sideswiped a Mazda A3I and went on to collide with a Buick Enclave, say police.

Reyes said the allegations of impaired driving in relation to the crash are especially sad because Francis was adamant about making sure his friends got home safely.

“He was that guy who did not drink, who did not partake because he wanted to make sure that he drove his friends home,” she said.

“We fervently pray that his death and suffering will not be in vain and hope that there will be justice in the future for Francis.”

Tracy Franklin with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) said the group is among those lobbying for mandatory five-year sentences in impaired driving causing death convictions.

“Personally I would like to see it quite a bit higher than five years, but we end up having to do it in small increments or we can’t make any changes at all,” she said.

“I think to make the huge changes we need to see a lot higher penalties happening.”

Kulwinder Singh Chohan, 36, of Calgary, is charged with impaired driving, impaired driving over 0.08 and impaired driving causing injury, though the charges are likely to be upgraded.

Source: Calgary Sun


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