Jan 11, 2015 - HOW LUCKY WILL YOU BE? [USA]

Recently, in Talbot County, I was asked to attend a trial to support a victim hit by a suspected impaired driver who caused a major crash involving three other cars.

It was a Saturday afternoon. The driver had been observed driving fast and erratically — enough to cause multiple 911 calls from other drivers. The police were looking for this driver.

The driver lost control and hit the unsuspecting public.

The responding police officer reported complete carnage at the scene. Cars destroyed, victims being cut out of their cars.

Because of the horrific scene, the responding police officer requested another officer to obtain a blood kit at the hospital to determine any outside impairment to the driver.

Luckily, no one died.

Unluckily, a young woman, a registered nurse, was being cut out of her destroyed vehicle. Her injuries many, including a traumatic brain injury and an injury to her ribcage that required five metal plates and 36 screws in order to survive. She could not and cannot go back to her job. She will lose her license to practice nursing. All her physical therapy is now out-of-pocket because she has exceeded the limit of days allowed. She has had to apply for disability. She is no longer the independent, working woman that she was.

Luckily, she has her husband and her parent to help in her care.

In the courtroom, the driver’s lawyer asked the responding officer how many years of experience she had on the job. The officer replied, “15.” The lawyer asked if she was a drug recognition expert and the officer replied “No.”

And then the blood kit evidence was not allowed — because the law in Maryland says that only a drug recognition expert can request a blood kit for the trial of a suspected impaired driver.

The driver pled guilty to reckless driving and a $1,000 fine.

The sad fact is that the people of Maryland who obey the laws and do the right thing are not protected on our roads. Our laws really look out for and protect the impaired driver. And no one really knows, until it happens to them.

And then how lucky will they be?

Source: The Star Democrat


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