May 12, 2011 - 1,000 ATTEND CRASH VICTIM'S FUNERAL [Kassandra Kaulius]

An estimated 1,000 friends and family have honoured a young Surrey softball coach killed by an alleged drunk driver.

Kassandra Kaulius died May 3 on her way home from a softball game when her car was crushed at an intersection after the driver of the other vehicle apparently ran a red light.

Miranda Tracy, Kaulius's older sister, was among the mourners at her funeral in Langley Thursday.

"It should have been her wedding, not her funeral," said Tracy.

Kaulius, 22, was studying to be a teacher and was engaged to be married.

Tracy said her family is not going to rest until justice is done.

"All because a lady decided to drink and drive, and that is what's killing us inside," she said.

Kaulius's mother, Markita Kaulius, spoke to those gathered at the funeral.

"Kassandra was a most special person, " Kaulius said. "She was funny, she was kind. She was thoughtful, considerate. She had a gentle soul to her. She was perfect in every way."

Kaulius's family brought a petition to the service, calling for zero tolerance and photos of drunk driving victims to be included on the labels of liquor bottles.

"No family should go through the devastation we're feeling right now," Tracy said.   Police have recommended impairment-related charges against the 34-year-old female driver, but none have been laid yet.

Source: CBC News


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