Brittany Mohr, who was injured in a drunk driving crash in 2013, was in court Tuesday for the sentencing of the driver.

Dustin Alexander Mills was drunk, texting, speeding, angry — and driving.

As his SUV drifted across two lanes of traffic, his frantic passenger started to scream. Brittany Mohr, just 17, had asked Mills, 21, for a ride home from her first shift of work in Saskatoon that night and then agreed to go out for a drink with him.

She didn’t know his blood-alcohol level was already more than twice the legal limit when he picked her up on June 19, 2013. Then as they barrelled down Circle Drive, Mills got a text message that made him so angry he pounded on the steering wheel and pressed his foot even harder on the gas, reaching a speed of 140 kilometres per hour.

His red SUV hit some gravel and Mills swerved to avoid hitting a pole, but lost control and the vehicle started rolling — 10 times it rolled down the embankment near the intersection of Circle Drive and College Drive before coming to a rest and starting on fire.

On Tuesday, Mills pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing bodily harm. A charge of drunk driving causing bodily harm was stayed by Crown prosecutor Lana Morelli.

An analysis of Mills’s blood drawn at the hospital showed his blood-alcohol level was between .16 and .19 at the time of the crash, Morelli said in court, but there was a legal issue with whether that report would be admissible at trial.

Mohr’s ankle and knee were destroyed in the crash and she suffered three broken ribs and a punctured lung. Now 19 years old, she’s in constant pain and only recently started working again after months of recovery and physiotherapy. Psychologically, she has trouble concentrating and emotionally, “I am a disaster,” Mohr said in her victim impact statement.

She was even more shaken up when she learned in court on Tuesday that since the crash, Mills accumulated three roadside driving suspensions for either being over .08 or refusing to take a breath test, according to his driver’s abstract filed in court. He also hasn’t taken an impaired driving course and defensive driving course yet, despite being ordered to.

“He’s not a person who changes,” Mohr said outside court. “Hopefully this makes him change, but I’m fearful for wherever he may be ... He’s going to kill someone.”

His lawyer Brent Little said Mills concentrated on working rather than taking the driving courses. Mills also spoke in court, apologizing to Mohr and her parents that he “screwed up” their lives, then added he’d screwed up his own life too.

“To be honest with you,” Judge Robert Jackson said to Mills, “I really see somebody before me who I don’t think quite yet has got the point, the significance of what you’ve done and how difficult a journey you’ve made for (Mohr).”

Jackson sentenced Mills to eight months in jail, plus 12 months probation. Mills is also prohibited from driving for 18 months after he’s out of custody.

Source: The Star Phoenix


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