Aug 27, 2012 - HOLUBOWICH PRELIMINARY INQUIRY BEGINS TUESDAY (Grande Prairie Warriors case)

The preliminary inquiry for a Grande Prairie man facing 11 charges in the Oct. 22, 2011 crash that claimed the lives of four Composite High school football players will get underway in Provincial court Tuesday.

The inquiry was scheduled to start today, but the judge was unavailable.

Brendan Holubowich was charged with four counts of impaired driving causing death, four counts of operating a vehicle over .08 causing death, and one count each of impaired driving causing bodily harm, operating a motor vehicle over .08 causing bodily harm, and failure to remain at the scene of an accident in connection with the collision.

Vincent Stover, 16, Matthew Deller, 16, Walter Borden-Wilkins, 15, and Tanner Hildebrand, 15, were killed in the two-vehicle collision on the Correction Line south of the city, while 15-year-old Zach Judd suffered major injuries. Judd returned to school in March following months of recovery and physical therapy.

The preliminary inquiry, scheduled to run all week, will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial

Source: Daily Herald Tribune

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