Sep 09, 2014 - UPDATE: BRADLEY PIKOWICZ SENTENCED [Justin Pollock]

Justin Pollock age 17 was killed by an impaired driver, Bradley Pikowicz, on August 4, 2011.

The accused had the charges reduced.

He plead guilty to dangerous driving causing death and was sentenced to 6 months jail, one year probation and 30 month driving prohibition.

Bradley Pikowicz will likely serve only 3 to 4 months in jail out of the 6 month sentence for killing Justin. One year of probation is just checking in with a parole officer once a month. We all know how quickly 30 months can pass by and he gets to carry on with his life and put it all behind him.

The Pollock Family is serving the 3rd year of the lifetime sentence they were handed down on the evening of August 4, 2011 the night they said good-bye to their son Justin Pollock. 



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