Aug 15, 2012 - THANK YOU TO DAWN & ANN

Thank you Dawn for collecting 245 signatures and Ann for collecting 150 more signatures on the Families For Justice Petition. All of our families appreciate that there are people out there who have made the decision to help others.

Sadly I have never had the pleasure of meeting either of you, but the fact that you have volunteered your time to help others makes you very special women. I know that there are "Angels on Earth" who are there to help others, and I believe that you both are very much in this category.

I believe that every signature we receive is a voice standing up for an innocent person, who has had their life taken away. We have collected over 10,000 signatures (voices) now, and we hope the Government of Canada will take note and listen to the Citizens of Canada when we're asking for minimum mandatory sentencing for anyone who is convicted of impaired driving causing a death.

We are also asking the Government of Canada to make changes to the Criminal Code of Canada to change the offense of impaired driving causing a death, and redefine the offense to Vehicular Manslaughter.

We hope the Government listens to the Citizens of Canada and makes this change to strengthen the laws, not just because they need to do it as a deterrent when nothing else seems to work, but because it is the right thing to do!

Innocent persons shouldn't have to worry about impaired drivers possibly taking their life, every time they go out.

Submitted by:  Families for Justice



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