Feb 24, 2015 - JUSTICE SYSTEM BROKEN: Corrie Lamoureux

Mother of Jazmine Houle speaks out about Nicolas Piovesan's pending release

Corrie Lamoureux is disappointed in the justice system.

Her daughter, Jazmine Houle, was killed June 21, 2009 by Nicolas Piovesan, after he drank at bar and drove into her and two of her friends as they walked along a street in Hanmer. Jazmine was 15 at the time.

Also killed in the collision was Caitlin Jelley and Steven Phillipe.

·         Parole for man behind deadly 2009 Hanmer crash

Piovesan was sentenced to seven years in prison after being convicted on three counts of causing death by criminal negligence. On May 17, he will be released from prison after serving two-thirds of his sentence behind bars. He is allowed to serve the remaining one-third of his sentence in the community.

His full release is scheduled from Sept. 15, 2017, Lamoureux said.

The Parole Board of Canada said Piovesan will be living in a community 90 kilometres from Greater Sudbury, but would not release the name of the community to the media. 

Lamoureux said the Parole Board indicated Piovesan will be living in Sturgeon Falls.

And while Piovesan might be living within an hour's drive, that's not what angers her. Lamoureux said the justice system is set up to rehabilitate, when instead it should be focused on punishment.

“I'm very relieved he's not coming back here,” Lamoureux told NorthernLife.ca over the phone. “I'm still grieving every day. For us, this is a life sentence. For him, he gets seven years.”

Even though Lamoureux and her family have been preparing for Piovesan's May 17 release from prison, she said it's still a shock knowing he will be allowed to have a life after killing her daughter. 

The families have even created the group Impact 6/21, a non-profit corporation that advocates and promotes positive and ongoing community initiatives and awareness programs, designed toward communicating and supporting the eradication of impaired driving.

“I was raised to believe the punishment should fit the crime,” she said. “I'm beside myself. Justice means being fair, and this isn't fair. It's not fair to Jazmine, it's not fair to me, it's not fair to her sister, or to Jazmine's grandmother – they seem to make it more fair for the criminals.”

As part of his release on May 17, the Parole Board of Canada has enforced a number of conditions by which Piovesan must abide. He is not to consume, purchase or possess alcohol, he is not to own and/or operate a motor vehicle, he is to have no direct or indirect contact with the victims or any members of the victims' family, and he is not to enter establishments where the primary source of income is derived from the sale or consumption of alcohol.

In victim impact statements submitted before Christmas to the Parole Board, Lamoureux and the other moms suggested Piovesan speak to schools and other groups to warn of the tragic outcomes that can result from drinking and driving — a suggestion the board backed.

“While the board cannot impose a condition that (Piovesan) participate in such activities, the board would strongly encourage you to work with your community parole officer to investigate the possibility of involving yourself in any activities that might highlight the inherent dangers in drinking and driving and potentially prevent further tragedies.”

Lamoureux said, while it was the victims' families who made this suggestion, she doesn't see Piovesan doing it.

“He's shown no remorse for what he's done in any of the Parole Board hearings we've attended,” she said. “He's never admitted fault for what he's done, and he even tried passing on the blame to his ex-girlfriend.

“I don't understand how anyone can go and talk to young people about the dangers of drinking and driving if that person doesn't even recognize they did something wrong."

Now, Impact 6/21 is readying for its annual Memorial Walk, taking place June 21. This will be the sixth year supporters have walked to the memorial site where the teens died.

Source: Northern Life News



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