The traumatized fiancée of an Edmonton man killed when a repeat drunk driver smashed into the taxi they were travelling in has launched a $575,000 lawsuit.

According to a statement of claim filed March 10, Katerina Masson alleges she suffered physical injuries, emotional and psychological harm and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of the deadly Oct. 2, 2013, collision on 107 Street near 121 Avenue.

Masson - who had been in a Yellow Cab taxi with her fiancé Tyler Isbister at the time - is suing killer driver Christopher Lindgren, the owner of the BMW he was driving, Yellow Cab and cabdriver Yohannes Gebremichael.

Masson alleges Lindgren was going south on 107 Street and he went over the centre median and into the northbound lanes and struck the cab she and Isbister were in.

Masson alleges Isbister, 25, died in hospital two days later as a result of injuries he suffered in the collision and she suffered musculoskeletal injuries, a laceration to her forehead, neck pain and headaches, a sprained wrist, a sprained ankle and a sprained back.

"Immediately after the collision, (Masson) witnessed the catastrophic and fatal injuries suffered by Isbister as she attempted to assist him," says the statement of claim.

As well as the emotional and psychological harm and PTSD, Masson alleges she suffered shock and nervous upset and depression and required counselling.

Masson alleges Lindgren was negligent for speeding, driving drunk, operating the BMW without due care and attention and failing to maintain a proper lookout.

She alleges the unidentified owner of the BMW was negligent for failing to ensure the car was properly maintained and allowing it to be operated by an unfit driver.

Masson alleges Gebremichael was negligent for speeding, driving without due care and attention and failing to take evasive action when he knew or ought to have known that a collision was imminent. She claims Yellow Cab was negligent for failing to ensure the cab was properly maintained and allowing an unfit driver to operate it.

Statements of claim contain unproven allegations.

Lindgren is serving a five-year prison term after pleading guilty on Jan. 31, 2014, to impaired driving causing death and other charges for the collision and impaired driving causing bodily harm for a 2011 Grande Prairie rollover.

Lindgren was also banned from driving for four years.

Court heard that Isbister, who died from a broken neck, had called for a cab for him, Masson and a friend after they went for drinks following attending an Oilers game.

The friend was also hurt and Gebremichael was in hospital for 2-1/2 months after suffering two fractured ribs, a fractured wrist, a bruised knee and internal injuries.

Masson sobbed in court as she recounted the horror following the collision and stared right at Lindgren as she told him he had stolen her and Isbister's entire future.

Source: Edmonton Sun


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