App-operated car service Uber has been offering free rides to people who are too drunk to pass a breathalyzer test. 

The company placed a breathalyzer kiosk on a busy street in Toronto, Canada, for a few nights at the end of March, and asked inebriated revelers to take a test in order to see whether they were safe to drive themselves home - or whether they needed to be taken there by a sober Uber driver.

In a video created in order to promote the unique service, people can be seen using straws to blow into a digital breathalyzer, which automatically orders a car if they are found to have consumed over the recommended limit of alcohol.

In order to complete the test, each person had to take a straw from a dispenser in the kiosk, insert it into the machine and blow into it for five seconds. 

A screen on the kiosk then indicates whether or not they are safe to drive and - if not - orders them a car and brings up a map to show them when, and where their car will pick them up. 

While the campaign video shows a group of delighted revelers enjoying the benefits of a free ride home, the clip also makes clear the devastating impact that drunk driving accidents have on people each year. 

According to statistics shown at the start of the video, drunk driving accidents in Canada triple after midnight, when hundreds of people pour out of the country's clubs and bars and decide they are sober enough to drive home. 

Except, of course, when there is a free Uber car on hand to take them instead.  

Sadly, it seems this ingenious service, christened Uber Safe, has yet to be rolled out to other towns - however the overwhelmingly positive to response to this trial suggests that Uber will be under pressure to install the kiosks in a number of other locations. 

'We’ve been thrilled by the interest this has generated and we will continue to find ways to help people remember that ride-sharing is a responsible choice,' Uber spokesperson Susie Heath told Buzzfeed

'In terms of where we might take the Uber Safe breathalyzer next… stay tuned!' 

Source: Daily Mail


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