Jun 15, 2013 - A TRIBUTE TO WAYNE RINAS - Part One

Welcome everyone and thank you for coming to share in a celebration of Wayne’s life! 

I’m Dale and this is Darwin, we are two of Wayne’s seven bothers! We were extremely honored when Marilyn asked us to help out today and what you may not know is that between Wayne and Marilyn they have 17 siblings, so trust me, there are lots of memories that have been provided to Darwin and I to share with you folks today. BUT..

Before we start, I wanted to extend our most heartfelt appreciation from all the family members, friends, co-workers and members of the community that have stepped up in a time of need for Marilyn, Jeremy and Kyle! The support and love shared by you folks has been overwhelming and brought more comfort to our families than we can possibly express!

I have never seen so much food come through one door and trust me, families our size have been known to put on some spreads!  We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to the first call professionals that helped on that day! On behalf of Wayne and Marilyn’s families - to all of you folks – thank you so much!

So – Wayne called me a week ago on the Thursday before his accident. Folks this was a typical Wayne update. The call started with me saying hello and instead of hello back, here was Wayne’s opener – so Iginla picked the wrong team hey (I’m a huge Flames fan and you all know Wayne is an Oiler fan) – this followed with his usually chuckle and a “I’m just kidding ya” – then it was – shot a fricking 44 tonight! Ya Marilyn and I went out tonight in-between the rain showers – did you know I bought a golf cart – it is pretty awesome, I can shoot 18 in an hour & 45 minutes – I would rather golf more holes than walking, but I don’t mind walking either – took Marilyn with me on this round – ya it was raining all day, but it broke and we thought what the heck – hey Dale did you know I need to golf 22 rounds to pay for having this cart – Marilyn and I have gone out quite a bit – I have 22 rounds in and Marilyn has 7 or 8 rounds in (Wayne was a bit perplexed that he didn’t know exactly how many rounds she had in for sure) – ya we had 5 boneheads in front of us – driving on the green and tee-off boxes – I couldn’t take it anymore and had to fix their behaviors on the 5th hole – you know I would have shot better if I didn’t have to put up with them for 5 holes – did I mention I shot a 44 –

AT THIS POINT, the only word I had in was “hello”! From there Wayne always put in his proud comments on Jeremy and Kyle – anything from what they recently did, to what they are planning or what their last purchases were! After that he would ask about my kids -  Then he jumped to explaining an efficiency program that PennWest was working on and clearly gave me his perspective of what it should be, but was also quick to tell me he would do what was needed. Then he finished up with a quick update on the rest of our family and BEFORE I could get much in, he would announce that he is busy and needed to go; this call is costing me air time! Man I’m going to miss those calls!

Wayne was born in Calgary on March 19th, 1961 but they were actually living in Edmonton at the time. Wayne was the 5th born in a total of 11 kids, which comprised of 9 boys and 2 girls! Out of all the kids, Wayne took the least amount of effort and was always a content and happy kid that just went with the flow – in our words today, he was low maintenance! Wayne was always obliging and never needed any extra attention. This was great for Mom & Dad, but also an opportunity for his 4 older brothers. His carefree and somewhat naïve following, made him a target for flight testing cardboard wings – being first to enter a fort made by hanging a bed from the basement ceiling - & playing goal with no protective equipment while everyone took shots, with the object to hit Wayne more than scoring.

As younger brothers came along, Wayne’s reciprocated some of these acts on us, which landed him in many other predicaments that included many broken basement windows from our hockey games - a concept go-cart being built that ended in a total fireball on its first test drive – and on to incidents involving pellet guns and toilet plungers being used as harpoons on invading siblings. We simply don’t have enough time today to even begin to explain the Rinas household and Wayne’s part in ruling of our neighborhood. If there are some old neighbors here from Olds, accept my apology – we were just being kids having fun!

Wayne did school, but like most of his bothers, didn’t love school. He always had an A in gym and somewhere around puberty; when Wayne would lace up his skates, he made a transition from his almost timid nature to one where his mouth became near famous on the ice. In our opinion, he was the best pest a team could have. He got under the skin of all his opponents and the refs where not spared from this treatment either. Wayne was good – you just had to ask him. He was a fearless competitor and relentless in sports! From sleeping 4 kids to a bedroom and bathing 3 at a time, Wayne was a big part of a big family and after completing all of his schooling in Olds, he eventually moved from high school to a job with Parkland Oilfield Construction. In this transition, Wayne’s fun nature and always being a jokester did not subside. The only problem with some of his pranks, was his timing – at one of our cousins weddings when the wedding party was walking by in the greeting line, Wayne reached over Robert and knocked off one of the Bridesmaid hats and then said, Bob you shouldn’t do that – This was not cool!

Wayne was now earning cash and doing what most young men did – chase girls and play sports! What Wayne didn’t know in 1982 is that Marilyn applied for college in Olds and was accepted into the Fashion Merchandizing program and that event would complete his life on every possible level! On a Friday night, Marilyn went out with some friends and decided to mix with the locals at a dance. Marilyn was being quit fussy in a string of suitors asking her to dance. Wayne came in with his ball team (still in their uniforms) and he took an immediate shine to Marilyn – with as much charm as he could muster, he talked Marilyn into a dance and that is one of the things Wayne did well – he could dance – he taught Marilyn the 2-step and the jive – Wayne now had an in and boldly asked her for a 2nd date – Marilyn said yes!

 Wayne’s 2nd date was simple – come with me to a friend’s house party – Marilyn thought about this and decided to bring a back-up in her friend Linda Hamilton - just in case. Well it turned out that Marilyn’s inclinations were correct -  Wayne was losing big time in a drinking game of 21 – in his fuzziness, he couldn’t remember where his boots were – Marilyn took the opportunity to express her feelings and promptly threw his boots outside – Later Marilyn and Linda loaded Wayne into the back seat and drove him home – upon kicking him out to the curb, Marilyn told Linda – that’s it for him!

Over time, Linda-Marie talked Marilyn into giving Wayne another chance as per his many attempts to seek Marilyn’s attention – Marilyn finally agreed to at least hear him out and in that discussion, she agreed to go watch him play hockey – they set the day and time and Marilyn proceeded to the game – upon arriving at the rink, there were many fans and the place was full – Marilyn bought her ticket and watched number 10 with the Olds Grizzlies play and then she left the game! A few days later, Wayne caught up to Marilyn and asked her why she didn’t come watch him play – Marilyn said I did, I went to the Grizzlies game – Wayne said I don’t play for the Grizzlies, I was on the small ice surface playing a beer league game! Crap – another strike out for Wayne!

Wayne knew in his heart that he found the love of his life and was not about to give up – he pestered Marilyn several more times and then he thought of a plan – dancing got me in the door, my hockey skills didn’t quit make the bar – so he thought he would pull out all the stops and brought out his 1980 Camaro! He begged Marilyn to at least let him take her for a ride – the rumble of his engine was enough to entice Marilyn to at least go for a ride – Wayne seized the opportunity – he plugged in Billy Idol and cranked up White Wedding - all of Marilyn’s inhibitions vanished and somewhere during that ride she agreed to give Wayne one more date – just don’t screw it up!

Wayne planned this one out & knew he had to get it right – and to that point, he nailed it! Wayne took Marilyn to the 40th avenue drive-in in Red Deer and it was there he knew he landed his soul mate! On June 29th, 1984 Wayne made a surprise visit to Harley’s Fabric Store in Red Deer where Marilyn was working. Amongst the bolts of fabrics in the store, Wayne got down on one knee and proposed to Marilyn – She made Wayne extremely happy with a yes, and he could hardly wait to celebrate once she was off her shift! Wayne picked her up as soon as she was done and in Wayne fashion, he prepared for the occasion by getting some lemon gin and offered slurpies as the mix – Marilyn said it tasted terrible, but she was in love and wouldn’t have wanted it celebrated any other way! Exactly one year later, June 29th, 1985, they were married in Macklin SK!

For their honeymoon, Wayne literally took the farm girl off the farm for her first flight ever to Disneyland. Marilyn literally did not stop – her mission was to hit every ride with no time to doddle or even eat. After 8 hours, Wayne begged Marilyn for a break so they could at least eat and rest his sore feet. Marilyn played Wayne out in the park so he was too tired for any honey moon stuff. 


We Remember Wayne Rinas


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