Jun 15, 2013 - A TRIBUTE TO WAYNE - Part Two


Wayne and Marilyn loved to travel and took every opportunity they could to make all the small ski trips, weekend ball tournaments and larger scale vacations. In 86 they attended Expo in Vancouver, in 87 they went with Linda-Marie and Shawn to the bright lights in Toronto, and then they started their family with the birth of Jeremy on Dec 29, 1988 and not too long after; Kyle was born on Sept 27, 1991 to round out their perfect family!

During these times, Marilyn’s influences were rubbing off on Wayne as he successfully completed his grade 12 diploma via hard work in the evenings while holding down his job at Parkland Construction during the day. These days were also filled with Wayne’s continual love for sports. Some of these years included his days with the Didsbury Ramblers. The bus trips and camaraderie between the teammates and spouses were special times. The league championships and battles on the ice didn’t come without sacrifice. Wayne had his hand broke from a vicious slash and on Marilyn’s birthday, an errand puck broke his jaw. Marilyn, true to her vows nursed Wayne back to health and carried the extra load. As everyone knows, these setbacks would never be enough to deter Wayne from his sports.

Wayne’s scholastic efforts paid off in 1989 when he landed an operating job with Czar Resources and moved the family to Stettler! They later transferred to Innisfail in 1993 and lived there until another opportunity came up with Apache in 1997 that saw the family make another move to their current home in Rocky Mtn House where Wayne was contract operating for PennWest.

Wayne was committed to his kids. From attending Jeremy’s musical recitals & can-skate, to coaching every sport they played from hockey, to baseball, to soccer, including coaching Marilyn’s Parkland Ladies baseball team to a championship! Wayne was an active volunteer in all the communities they lived in and was always the first one to lend a hand to his friends and neighbors.

Wayne was a master planner for ensuring the right things in life were planned out and time was made for the real important things – family, kids’ activities, vacations and sports. They took the kids to Disneyworld in 2000, celebrated Wayne’s 40th B-Day in Puerto Vallarta in 2001 and in 2002 – poor Wayne! We all know Marilyn is a planner and scheduler – Wayne wanted to return the surprise favor with a trip to Vegas to celebrate her 40th B-Day – he knew he had to tell her they were going somewhere, so he randomly picked Vancouver and said they were driving there.

Marilyn was very anxious for this trip and continually questioned Wayne on driving at that time of year  - she actually went out and bought snow chains for the tires, wet suits for the kids and was preparing for this journey – AND on top of this, it was Wayne’s hockey tournament on this weekend that in Marilyn’s mind, he could miss one year to allow them a head start on the trip – Unbeknownst to Marilyn, Wayne had already told the guys he wouldn’t be playing but had to take the badgering from Marilyn – Marilyn was relentless with her planning and wore Wayne out – Wayne finally said – Marilyn you are driving me nuts – were not going to BC, I’m flying you to Vegas as a surprise for your B-Day – Surprise!

They took the kids to the Mayans in 2004, AND had to cancel their trip to New Orleans in 2005 due to hurricane Katrina thus they went to back Vegas to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. They went with friends Pam and Dave to Punta Cana in 2007 and then enjoyed a big trip to Europe in 2010 to celebrate their 25th Anniversary!

In 2011 they returned to a familiar spot in Red Deer. They celebrated the wedding of their son Jeremy to Amanda and on the very spot where the church was built, there once stood the 40th Avenue Red Deer Drive-In where Wayne  sealed the deal – how cool is that! Wayne and Marilyn, had their bags packed following the wedding and headed for the Oregon Coast and a year later in 2012, they celebrated Marilyn’s 50th B-Day in Cuba!

Wayne was an incredible brother! He was always there for you with a smile, hug or words of advice. He was the guy who could be counted on to rescue his little sister in the middle of a blizzard. He wore his goofy hats and had a contagious laugh. Everyone who met Wayne loved him. He was a role model and he was admired by many. You couldn’t help but laugh and smile if Wayne was in the room. He loved his family and was always the one that kept in touch.

He loved watching his nieces and nephews at the rink. In fact he would get so involved in the game that occasionally he needed a little nudge and a friendly reminder to keep it down before he was asked to leave! You always knew if Wayne was in trouble because you would find him frantically cleaning the house. Let me tell you, that house was spotless after he shot Marilyn; who was 9 months pregnant at the time, with a bebe gun!

Wayne would want everyone to remember the good times. The camping, the visits, the sporting games and all the cherished times visiting with family and friends.

Looking back, Wayne had it figured out & we can all learn from him! Wayne focused on the life in his years and not the years in his life! Wayne had a huge outgoing social presence which was always motivated by his best intentions to find solutions that worked for all involved!

It is now Wayne has moved on and we will be forever grateful for the time we had with him.

Go on with peace, pride and love! 


We Remember Wayne Rinas


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