Almost six years to the day he killed three Valley East teenagers walking home, Nicolas Piovesan is a free man.

According to reports, Piovesan was released into a community within 90 miles of Greater Sudbury.

Hanmer teens Steven Phillipe, Jazmine Houle and Caitlin Jelley died June 21, 2009, when Piovesan struck them with his car.

Piovesan, 26 at the time, was intoxicated when his vehicle slammed into the teens. He was found guilty of three counts of criminal negligence causing death and sentenced to seven years.

In an earlier interview, Phillipe said she received a letter on Feb. 18 from the parole board stating Piovesan would be liberated from prison in May.

The timing made it especially hard, as the next day, Feb. 19, "was my son's birthday," she said. "He would have been 22 years old."

The families of the three teens provided victim impact statements prior to Christmas in the hope that prison time for Piovesan would be extended, said Phillipe.

The parole board acknowledged these submissions, pointing out in its ruling that "the family and friends of the three young people killed that night continue to suffer, as does the community who were shocked and traumatized by the magnitude of the loss."

But the board still decided Piovesan should be allowed back into the community this spring, as long as he adheres to a set of strict conditions, including abstaining from alcohol and a 10-year driving ban.

He is also ordered to not contact members of the victims' families.

Piovesan will be living in Sturgeon Falls, Phillipe said earlier, which is a bit close for comfort.

"Hopefully we don't see him," she said. "We have family in Sturgeon Falls. We don't go there a lot, it could be that one day we do go."

The Phillipe, Houle and Jelley families formed the group Impact 6/21 to raise awareness about impaired driving. Every year, the families and supporters hold a march in Hanmer to honour the teens.

Source: The Sudbury Star




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