Public can submit the name of loved one to be added to MADD Canada memorial


The Mothers Against Drunk Driving monument at Dartmouth Memorial Gardens has about 60 names etched into it. The names of people who died due to a crash at the hands of an impaired driver have been added to the monument since 2011.

Located in the Dartmouth Memorial Gardens on the property of Atlantic Funeral Home, it serves as one place where family and friends can go to remember their loved one, said Susan MacAskill, Atlantic region services manager for MADD Canada.

“The Nova Scotia monument is in a very central location as you approach the actual funeral home and chapel. It’s very visible as people are on their way to a service,” she said.

People who have been killed in the province and people who have been killed out of province by an impaired driver but was still a Nova Scotia resident, do qualify to have their name added to the monument.

MADD will send out a waiver to the family to formally ask that their loved one’s name appear on the monument. The organization also requires documentation that the family member died due to someone impaired on drugs or alcohol.

MacAskill said this could be a difficult part of the process because it requires research.

“The family will often provide a newspaper clipping with the newspaper covering the story, police documentation, coroner’s report, or court reports that indicate to us that we’re not falsely (blaming) somebody as (the one) responsible for that person’s death,” she said.

This is the fifth year MADD Canada has sought out names for the monument.

She said publicizing MADD’s campaign often triggers memories from people who had a loved one die at the hands of an impaired driver decades ago. In those cases, finding the evidence to back up the claim can be difficult but not impossible, said MacAskill.

“We did have a family from Eskasoni who were able to find that documentation because one of our volunteers with MADD Cape Breton researched the Cape Breton Post, and did find (the story) from 1962.”

Once all documentation has been submitted and approved, the name can be etched into the monument.

A ceremony will be held on Sept. 12 at Dartmouth Memorial Gardens to remember all of those who died because someone else was driving while impaired.

The deadline for names to be approved is June 30.

More information is available by calling MADD Canada’s Atlantic branch office at 1-866-798-6233 or email

Source: Cape Breton Post


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