The mother of a Beaumont teen who was killed, along with two friends, in a drunk driving crash in 2011 is disappointed but optimistic about the resignation of Justice Minister Peter MacKay.

MacKay is reportedly resigning to spend more time with his family.

Sheri Arsenault’s son Bradley and his two friends, Kole Novak and Thaddeus Lake were killed in a crash back in November 2011 and last summer the driver at fault was sentenced.

Johnathan Pratt received 8 years behind bars and has a lifetime prohibition on driving after being found guilty of manslaughter.

Arsenault founded the group Families for Justice and wants stiffer penalties for convicted drunk drivers. She’s taken the campaign to the federal level and has been working with MacKay on bringing in a mandatory minimum sentence.

She says it was a surprise to hear about MacKay’s resignation but hopes whoever takes over his post will make this a priority.

“We have many MPs that are on board and have been in discussions with Mr. MacKay on our behalf, and personally myself I have met with Mr. MacKay twice,” explains Arsenault. “So I believe whoever takes over the appointment of this cabinet will continue on the same vein.”

She hopes to talk with him before he’s done to get an update.

“At this point, I think I’ll try and contact him the best way I know how and possibly he may be able to tell me where he is at with the situation,” explains Arsenault.

She was recently told nothing would be done until after the election and says whichever party has a plan to get mandatory minimums for impaired driving put in place, will get her vote.

“I’ve already invited Mr. Mulcair and Mr. Trudeau to weigh in on if they support a mandatory minimum for this crime and as of yet, I haven’t heard back from them,” explains Arsenault.

“To us, it is a Canada problem and something that we need to do because we don’t want people in our shoes,” explains Arsenault. “Whatever party, and I would all three parties would agree, that something needs to be done regarding this crime.”

The Families for Justice Organization is looking for a 5 year mandatory minimum sentence if someone is convicted of impaired driving causing death.

The Organization was founded after both Arsenault and Markita Kaulius lost children to impaired drivers.

Last year, MacKay met with Arsenault and told her he wants the legislation to be brought forward soon and promises it won’t take years and years.

However, there is no timetable set for the legislation or when Arsenault will get a new update but last year MacKay promised the issue would not just be swept under the rug.

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