August 3rd, 2013

Our lives have been changed forever; Quinn was taken from us suddenly, and his family and friends are left looking for answers. Craig, Bonny, Shea, and dog Kai will have to find a way to go on without Quinn, but keep him in our hearts forever.

Saddened beyond words are Grandparents Leo and Agnes Frerichs, Bruce and Nadia Stevenson, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, Karen and Kevin Dow sons Josh and Colton, Brad and Leann Frerichs sons Colby, Carter and Brody.

Quinn was a son who was always making us proud or trying to convince us why we should be proud of him. Since the accident we have received so many notes regarding Quinn. Quinn was a leader, true friend, happy, joker, sportsman, driven, stand-up guy, the list goes on. These notes that speak to his character will be cherished in our hearts forever.

Quinn had many great experiences and people he got to know as a younger boy growing up, but his final years in high school were his most memorable. On June 25th Quinn graduated from Centennial Collegiate, a school he was incredibly proud of. He wore the Charger colors with a lot of pride.

In his senior year he was elected as Senior Watch with the SRC. He participated in many sports at school, which included football, curling and badminton. In his senior year Quinn had the opportunity to participate in the History Study Tour Program. He saw a lot of Eastern Europe; he fortified many deep friendships and had great stories to share with us when he got home.

Quinn was also a hockey player with the Saskatoon Redwings and ASHL Bruins, and Baseball with the Saskatoon Blue Jays ('Slow Trains for life') who just won the Midget AA City Championship with Quinn at the mound. Quinn could also be found on many of the golf courses; like other sports he had a great passion for golf.

During the summer months Quinn was employed by Saskatoon Golf and Country Club, a job he loved going to. During the winter months he could also be found at the hockey rink wearing the stripes; he was a highly regarded Referee. Quinn also had curled a lot; his high school team in Grade 11 captured a city championship for Centennial.

Since Grade 8 Quinn's wanted to become a broadcaster (TSN Sportscaster) and he was about to make that dream come true this fall. Along with broadcasting he wanted to take his Referee Career to a much higher level.

There is no doubt that he would have accomplished all of these, because if Quinn wanted it he went out and got it. Quinn had a huge group of friends, who are all finding ways to deal with this terrible loss. Our basement, garage, backyard was often filled with laughter, the loudest always being Quinn. His friends were held close to his heart and he would have done anything for them; he was a true friend.

To keep Quinn's spirit alive at Centennial Collegiate, there has been a Quinn Stevenson Memorial Athletic & Spirit Scholarship created. Donations to this scholarship account can be made at TD Canada Trust, (970 Attridge Dr. Saskatoon, S7S 1P1). 





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