Family members whose loved ones were killed by drunk drivers are hoping to create a much-needed support group for such a loss.

It’s been more than three years since Janel Boettger lost her 17-year-old daughter, Koralea, to a drunk driver, but time isn’t easing her pain.

“The majority of people have no idea that this is something that you don’t heal from,” said Boettger.

Karen Harrison can relate to what Boettger is going through, having lost her brother, Tony, also killed by a drunk driver three years ago.

“It’s different because it’s at the hands of another person, in a situation that is 100 per cent preventable,” said Harrison. “People make a choice to drive impaired. When they get into the vehicle, they are taking somebody else’s life in their hands.

“And in our case, they took Tony’s life.”

Harrison is the current president of MADD in Calgary. The chapter is working to create a new victims of impaired driving support group. Planning stages are underway, as Harrison wants to make sure the right resources are in place to help these families.

“We don’t want people walking in and feeling like they weren’t supported…walking out or feeling worse than they did walking in,” said Harrison.

For Boettger, the support can’t come soon enough.

“When we get together with people and share experiences that have gone through the same core process—the same horrors—there’s a warming feeling that overcomes you to let you know you are not the only one fighting this struggle…

“That there are other people out there like you that are going through, in essence, the exact same horrors you are, and they are surviving, too.”

Source: Global News

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