ON BEHALF OF THE UCFSA EXEC TEAM - We would like to thank everyone who came out and played for our basketball charity tournament last night! We are so thankful that we were able to get 18 teams to sign up for the tournament. We would also like to thank everyone who came out to watch and support the teams!

A big thank you goes out to the Pesa Family for coming out to show their support and to give a little message to the crowd.

Thank you to Tracy from MADD for also coming to the event and for making a little speech about their organization.

Thanks so much to Lian Tolentino for also helping us advertise and inviting most of Francis' friends! We raised over $600 and we couldn't have done it without you all!

We are so glad we did this tournament in honour of Francis Pesa, a victim of Drinking and Driving and we hope that this event raised awareness about Drinking and Driving.

Big shoutout to the UCFSA Executive Team for pulling this great event and to our volunteers (Nico Gaspar and Alex Dayrit). All the teams did such an amazing job and thank you for being such great sports!

Congratulations to Team "Dem Boyz" for winning the tournament! We hope everyone had a fun night and we assure you that all the monetary funds we collected last night will be going to a great cause.

Please do not make the wrong choice of getting behind the wheel after drinking. Do not drink & drive.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported our tournament!


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