Thaddeus Lake was a very talented musician and wanted everyone, including those who couldn’t financially afford it, to enjoy music. His parents are continuing that dream with his foundation.


The Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation, which has been funding support for youth in music for the last several years, is looking to expand its funding as well as its reach, starting with an Aug. 15 community garage sale.

Lake was one of three young men, along with Kole Novak and Bradley Arsenault, killed in late 2011 when their car was struck by a drunk driver. The foundation was established soon after to continue Lake’s passion for music and for supporting youth musicians. 

Lake’s parents, Karen and Anthony Lake, have administered the foundation, and now they’re hoping the sale will help to, if not fill its coffers, at least let more people know about the ways in which it can support young musicians.

“We’d really like to use an event like this... to raise awareness for the foundation, that there is a foundation available in our community that needs funding for musical lessons and instruments,” Karen said. “Our goals are, A, to get the word out about the foundation, and B, to do a fundraising event as well.”

 The foundation has helped many in the area (it serves anyone in Leduc County and its communities, as well as Millet) to buy instruments, pay for lessons or exam fees, and covers expenses for travel to festivals or even for studio recording time. Anyone aged 11-22 is eligible to apply.

 It was Thaddeus, a musician himself, who originally envisioned an organization devoted to helping youth, particularly the disadvantaged, access musical resources and realize the potential that might otherwise go to waste. The accident occurred shortly before he established the foundation, and in the wake of his loss, his parents took up his mantle, and are now working alongside a number of schools and private music teachers who refer students to the foundation when a need arises. 

“The only way we can survive is to move everything forward, and to know that this was his dream, and that he verbalized it to me,” Karen said. “This is his dream, to equip anyone who wants to play music with the resources to be able to do that.” 

There are already a number of alumni of the foundation, and several will be playing at the sale, giving back to the organization that gave them a leg up. 

 The sale, which could be an annual event if successful, comes shortly after Johnathan Pratt, the impaired driver of the vehicle that killed the three men, dropped an appeal of his eight-year sentence. 

 Karen said it was a relief that her family and the foundation can focus on a positive event, rather than worrying about revisiting the tragedy yet again.

 The sale will be held at the Lakes’ property east of Leduc, at Rollyview Road and Range Road 243. It will go from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., with live music and food available throughout.

 The foundation is still accepting items for the sale as well, and anyone wishing to do so can contact the Lakes at

Source: Beaumont News


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