Grace Pesa, who lost her son to a drunk driver in 2014, hopes a new MADD support group in Calgary will help her cope with her grief.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has sponsored a new monthly meeting at the Genesis Centre in northeast Calgary to help people deal with the loss of a loved one killed by a drunk driver.

"Being amongst other individuals who are suffering just like I am really helps," said Grace Pesa, who lost her son to a drunk driver in 2014.

"You see me as whole but inside I am so broken," she said.

People who have lost family and friends because of drunk driving have difficulty processing the pain, according to Tracy Franklin with the Calgary chapter of MADD. 

Tracy Franklin, past president of the Calgary chapter of MADD, says a new support meeting will help people heal after the death of a loved one by an impaired driver.

Her 23-year-old daughter was killed by a drunk driver in 2003 and the pain hasn't faded after 12 years, she says.

"I'm still all over the place. Some days I am so angry I can hardly move. Some days I have to force myself out of bed," she said.

For people who have recently lost a loved one, the triggers of grief are everywhere, she says. 

"The firsts. The first mother's day without your daughter. The first Christmas," she said,

The MADD support group meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Genesis Centre.  

"It's very important to sit down and just give people an outlet they understand," Franklin said.

"We all understand the different phases we go through with grief, and one of the hardest things with impaired driving is it's 100 per cent preventable."

Source: CBC News


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