MADD Canada is very disappointed that the Dangerous and Impaired Driving Act, introduced on June 16, 2015, does not include the two measures which would have the largest impact on reducing impaired driving – the introduction of mandatory roadside screening and the authorization of roadside oral fluid testing for drug-impaired drivers. MADD Canada representatives have met with Government many times to discuss these measures and outline how they would help to significantly reduce impaired driving crashes, deaths and injuries in Canada.

MADD Canada supports longer sentences for impaired driving and supports measures which limit the use of technical defences, thus holding impaired drivers more accountable. We also believe strongly there is a need for legislative tools that will deter impaired driving before crashes, deaths and injuries occur. The measures in the Bill will have limited deterrent impact. Measures which increase the likelihood that impaired drivers will be caught – such as mandatory roadside testing and roadside oral fluid testing for drug-impaired drivers – are required.

Finally, there is no chance that this impaired driving legislation will pass or be enacted before the current Parliamentary session concludes next week. Impaired driving is a crime that kills between 1,250 and 1,500 Canadians each year, and injures another 63,000. Canadians have been waiting years for legislation to better address this very serious problem. In 2009, this Government's own Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights made a series of important recommendations to address the impaired driving problem in Canada. None of those recommendations have been adopted. It is very unfortunate that the Government has not moved forward with comprehensive impaired driving legislation in a realistic and feasible timeframe.

Source: MADD Canada


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