Mallorie Wild, 20, has had 17 surgeries and intensive rehabilitation since being hit by drunk driver

A Barrie woman who was hit by a drunk driver last year has filed an $11 million lawsuit against him and the bar that allegedly over-served him.

Mallorie Wild, 20, told a press conference on Wednesday that she was walking home at around 2:30 a.m. on August 11, 2014, when was struck from behind by a car.

"I remember waking up with my face under a car and screaming for people to come help me," a tearful Wild recalled. "I kept blacking in and out so I don't remember the whole thing. But there's a lot that I do remember and it haunts me."

Wild says she realized the extent of her injuries when she tried to get up and walk home.

Bone sticking out

"I saw a bone sticking out of my leg and a pool of blood," she said.

The statement of claim alleges that the driver, Eric Bravener, fled the scene while Wild lay injured on the road.

Bravener, who was later criminally charged and convicted, is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 15.

Wild was left with severe injuries that almost resulted in the amputation of her right leg, according to McLeish Orlando LLP, the law firm representing her. Wild has since had 17 surgeries and intensive rehabilitation. 

"She's been making tremendous gains in rehab and there's a long way to go but she's been a real trooper and is trying very hard to put this behind her and get her life back," lawyer John McLeish said Wednesday.

Wild says she began speaking out against drunk driving on social media since the accident and will continue to do so.

"You don't want to end up like me and you don't want to end up like him," Wild said.

Source: CBC News Toronto


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