May 19th, 2013 was a beautiful Sunday night on a warm long weekend, recalls George Mounsef.

"One minute I was feeling like the luckiest father alive," he told a courtroom Tuesday, before turning to Richard Suter. "What came next is my family's introduction to you."

Mounsef was dining with his wife and two young sons on the patio at Ric's Grill on 23rd Avenue that weekend.

"How can a human being take a child's life and take no responsibility or show any remorse?"- George Mounsef

Mounsef described how Suter's SUV crashed into the patio, running over the family, not stopping until he hit the brick wall with enough force to send the bricks flying.

"My poor son Geo was pinned between the wall and the SUV bleeding to death while you just sat there and did nothing," he said in his victim impact statement during Suter's sentencing hearing Tuesday.

"I dropped to my knees and saw something no human being should ever have to see," the grieving father said. "My son dying."

"That image is burned into my mind for eternity.``

Mounsef said he dreamed of his son becoming a doctor or a scientist who was going to change the world.

"The world is now a worse place without him in it," he said.

"You robbed me and Sage of our son. You stole him from our arms."

"He was such an amazing kid."

Mounsef asked Suter why he never apologized for killing his son, why he hasn't taken responsibility for his death.

"How can a human being take a child's life and take no responsibility or show any remorse?"

His son's death has made him a crusader against drunk driving, he said.

"I have no doubt Geo's story has saved hundreds of lives and will continue to save hundreds more."

Several other family members also told the court how Geo's death changed their lives profoundly.

On Wednesday the public will hear Suter's side of the story for the first time.

His lawyer has said he was not impaired at the time.  

Suter has pleaded guilty to one count of refusing to provide a breath sample.

The Crown is expected to stay the charges of impaired driving causing death and causing bodily harm against Suter.

Suter's wife is also expected to testify this week.

Source: CBC News


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