MADD Canada has kicked off its 28th annual Project Red Ribbon campaign to promote sober driving this holiday season with volunteers out in force over the coming weeks to distribute millions of red ribbons to motorists.

The campaign will run from November 1 to January 4. MADD Canada notes that with the holiday season upon us and with more and more people attending parties and celebrations, they will be travelling to see family and friends because of which they could be at risk of impaired driving.

MADD Canada notes that the red ribbon is a symbol of the wearers’ commitment to sober driving, and a tribute to the thousands of Canadians who are killed and injured in impairment-related crashes each year.

“We’re asking Canadians to join in and show their commitment to sober driving. Get a red ribbon, then tie it, wear it, show it, share it, and live it,” said MADD Canada National President Angeliki Souranis, who lost her son, Craig, in an impairment-related crash in 2008. “Let’s keep sharing the message and promoting the need for everyone to plan ahead for a sober ride home if they’re going to be drinking.”

MADD Canada, together with Title Sponsor Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, other sponsors and many road safety and police partners around the country, is urging Canadians to make this holiday season free from impaired driving crashes. It is also urging people to plan ahead when they are going to drink and arrange for a cab or take the bus and never drive impaired or ride with an impaired driver.

The campaign was kicked off in Calgary, with representatives from the Calgary Police, Calgary Fire, Alberta Health Services, Emergency Medical Services, the RCMP and Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. The launch featured a Choose Your Ride display which encourages people to consider what vehicle they want to ride in: a taxi, a police car, an ambulance or a hearse.

Red ribbons are available through the MADD Canada web site, Chapters and Community Leaders, Allstate Canada offices across the country and participating sponsor outlets. For more information, please see the Project Red Ribbon page on the MADD Canada web site at Watch for the red ribbon on social media as well, as MADD Canada encourages volunteers, members, supporters and the general public to share photos of their red ribbons with online friends and followers using #projectredribbon.

This year’s Project Red Ribbon campaign features two unique highlights. First, is the debut of MADD Canada’s new public service announcement specifically geared towards Project Red Ribbon and the holiday season. It will begin airing on television in November and December. Second, is the very public show of support from three of Canada’s best known landmarks. On the evening of November 4, Calgary Tower, the CN Tower and Niagara Falls will be lit red in support of Project Red Ribbon and the promotion of sober driving throughout the holiday season.

Source: Dispatch Tribunal


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