An Edmonton driver who turned a family home into a “war zone” when he drunkenly drove through a house while evading police was given an 18-month sentence Monday.

Craig Daniel Head, 29, had a blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit as he reached speeds of 167 kilometres an hour on the night of May 11, 2015. He lost control and his vehicle was airborne as it obliterated a fence and sent a wooden post into a second-floor bedroom where a six-year-old child was asleep.

Head drove his Jeep through the home’s kitchen and bathroom before his vehicle finally stopped in the garage. Seven people were inside the house. None were hurt.

“Quite frankly, the pictures are reminiscent of a house in a war zone,” said provincial court Judge Michael Allen. “You didn’t injure yourself, which is amazing, or anyone else. People who came near your vehicle were in mortal danger.”

Crown prosecutor Terry Hofmann previously told court a driver called 911 after they saw Head speeding erratically in a black Jeep Patriot around 2:20 a.m. near Manning Drive and 144th Avenue.

Head pulled into a nearby parking lot once he saw police behind him, but then turned the SUV around and waved to the officer as he drove out of the parking lot.

“For three blocks, you must have floored the accelerator,” Allen said.

Head sped away and turned off his headlights. Soon after, he ran a stop sign, struck the curb and lost control of his vehicle. Data taken from the Jeep’s computer stated the vehicle was going 167.9 km/h two seconds prior to the collision.

Head cried as he read an apology to the court. “That night I made one of the hugest mistakes of my life, one I can’t take back. It was a selfish and horrible act.”

Defence lawyer D’Arcy Depoe, said his client suffers from alcoholism, but has attended counselling and Alcoholics Anonymous since the crash.

“It’s 45 seconds of his life he wishes he had back,” Depoe told court.

Head pleaded guilty to impaired driving and failing to stop for police. Once he is released, he will be prohibited from driving for five years.

Source: Edmonton Journal


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