Excerpt from the Ecole Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School 2015 Student Awards:

“Our next  memoriam award is the Bradley Arsenault Award, which is sponsored by the Arsenault Family. 

We would like to ask Sheri Arsenault, Brad’s mother and Aimee Arsenault, Brad's sister, to join us on stage for the presentation of this award. 

Bradley Arsenault is remembered by his friends as kind, supportive, upbeat and positive. 

An avid sportsman, Brad did it all—from hockey to skiing, skate boarding, snowboarding, dirt biking and fishing. 

The Bradley Arsenault Scholarship is presented to a grade 12 student who is an active member of the school’s SADD group and seeks to educate his or her peers about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Preference is given to a student who demonstrates leadership or initiative within the group.

Two young women both advocated heavily for the cause last year and thus will be co-recipients of this year’s award.

Receiving $250 each for the Bradley Arsenault Scholarship are Danielle Nicholson and Rhea Thomas.”​


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