Family members of the four teens killed in an alleged drunk driving accident filled the Grande Prairie courthouse Tuesday for Brenden Holubowich’s arraignment, and left feeling frustrated as it was put over for four weeks.

Brenden Holubowich is facing 16 charges in connection with the October 2011 two-vehicle collision on the Correction Line south of the city.

The collision killed Vincent Stover, 16, Matthew Deller, 16, Walter Borden-Wilkins, 15, and Tanner Hildebrand, 15, and injured 16-year-old Zach Judd.

Holubowich was 21 at the time of the collision.

Outside the courthouse, some family members vented their growing frustration with the judicial system, as they’d expected a trial date to be set Tuesday.

“Our kids’ lives have been put on hold,” said Leon Deller, Matthew Deller’s father.

Proudly wearing a Warriors sweater, he talked about staying strong for family and friends.

“There’s got to be hope,” he said.

Others talked about how the accident has impacted their family.

“Two little boys are going to grow up without their hero,” said Jenny Wilson, Vincent Stover’s mother, of his younger siblings who idolized their brother.

Many of the parents of the teens said they still have their son’s cell phone number saved in their own phones.

All talked about remembering the moment they found out their son was in an accident.

The next arraignment date is scheduled for November 5th in the Court of Queens Bench.


Source: Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune

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