Jennifer Neville-Lake and Edward Lake, wearing yellow roses and their children's ashes around their necks, speak to reporters on Nov. 12, outside the Newmarket courthouse, following a brief court appearance by accused drunk driver Marco Muzzo.

Marco Muzzo remains in custody after brief court appearance on charges of impaired driving causing death Jennifer Neville-Lake says that whatever happens to the accused drunk driver who allegedly killed her father and three children, she hopes that her family “is the last to hold all three of our children’s death certificates in one hand.”

She was in Newmarket court on Thursday with husband Edward Lake attending yet another court appearance for Marco Muzzo, facing a number of impaired driving charges causing the deaths of Daniel Neville-Lake, 9, Harrison, 5, Milly, 2, and their grandfather Gary Neville.

Muzzo briefly appeared by video before a packed courtroom. His next appearance was set for Nov. 26. It’s still unclear if he will apply for bail.

The parents spoke to media afterwards, wearing yellow roses, and their children’s ashes around their necks.

“Orange looks good. Looks really good,” said Edward Lake, referring to Muzzo’s jail attire.

Neville-Lake said her family has drawn a lot of support from members of the community. Her mother, injured in the September crash in Vaughan along with her grandmother, is starting to improve, she said. They even took her to her home recently in King City, just to sit in the driveway.

Thursday would also have been her parents’ wedding anniversary, and although her father is now gone, she said they still planned to celebrate that evening with some cake.

When asked about seeing Muzzo, Neville-Lake said she doesn’t really feel anger. But she does have questions.

“What possessed you to do this? What did we ever do to you?” she said, referring to Muzzo. “We paid such a high price, for what?”

Source: The Star


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