The Edmonton Police Service arrested more than 700 alleged impaired drivers last year, thanks to the help of watchful Edmonton drivers.

Through the police’s Curb the Danger program, which encourages drivers to call 911 if they suspect an impaired driver, 325 license suspensions were also handed out in 2015.

The arrests and suspensions are thanks to the nearly 10,000 calls the EPS received in 2015, police said in a media release.

“Citizens in our city have always – and continue to – play a crucial role when it comes to assisting police Curb the Danger,” Barney Stevens, Curb the Danger program coordinator said. “In the month of December (2015) alone, we received just over 850 calls to police and 65 individuals were charged for being impaired behind the wheel.

“We cannot be everywhere at all times, so we continue to rely on our partnership with the community to help us keep our city streets safe.”

The following statistics were provided by the EPS:

The Curb the Danger program launched in October 2006. Since its inception, the EPS has received more than 81,000 calls from Edmonton drivers, made over 7,000 arrests and suspended nearly 2,500 licenses.

If you suspect a driver is impaired, the EPS suggests the following:

  • Call 911 if it is safe to do so. Calling 911 in an emergency, or to report an impaired driver, is permitted while driving under the distracted driving law;
  • Report the location, vehicle description, and license plate number;
  • If possible, keep the vehicle in sight but do not attempt to chase the vehicle, or break the law to do so.

Source: Global News


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