Bobby Cameron pushes for deterrence and punishment for drunk drivers after losing father

It's a searing personal story about losing his father that explains Bobby Cameron's views on drunk driving.

It's a black-and-white issue for the Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

Get drunk, get behind the wheel and cause someone's death?

You're a murderer to Cameron.

Failing society

The FSIN came out today with a news release calling for a more comprehensive effort to try and stop people from drinking and driving in the province.

The appeal comes after a Saskatchewan family was killed on the highway just outside of Saskatoon when their car was rammed by an alleged drunk driver. 

CBC spoke with Cameron about the FSIN position. It was during that discussion that his personal story emerged.

"I've lost my dad in a drunk driving accident, I was in the passenger side and I watched my father die in front of me," he said.

"I can relate to these families who have lost loved ones to tragic accidents."

Swimming trip that ends in tragedy

Cameron was 11 years old at the time. His family lived in the Battlefords area and, in the summer, they'd go swimming at the 'Battlefords flats.'

"There's a grid road along the river. We were just about there," he said.

"But we had to round one more bend to get there."

A 16-year-old drunk driver came around the corner, hitting them head-on. Bobby Cameron said his dad died in front of him, something he didn't let on to his younger brother and sister in the back seat.

"They were crying for dad. I was doing my best, because I knew dad had died," he said.

"I knew right there, God told me, the Creator told me, 'You got to be strong, Bobby.' "

Today, Cameron is pushing hard for greater deterrence and punishment for drunk driving. 

Source: CBC News


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