Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all your comments, best wishes and prayers!

I know when Kassandra was killed it affected an entire Community. You are correct that this could have been anybody's child or loved one. I was speaking with two others Mother's this week who have also had their child killed by a drunk driver. They too say it is something you can't put into words what it is like to lose your child, no matter what the age.

As a Parent, your heart is broken. You feel like you are walking around with a hole in your heart. There is half of you that is now missing, and you know in your mind that there is nothing in this world you can do to make it better. In your heart you keep waiting for the phone to ring and have someone tell you there was a mistake this really isn't the truth. I didn't do anything to deserve this much pain. Neither did my daughter or my family. As a family we so very much appreciate the love and support and prayers from the public. Many of you we have never had the pleasure of meeting. To know others are caring, helps us as a family.

We continue to fight for changes in the Federal Laws regarding impaired driving causing a death. To date we have collected 11,265 signatures on our Families For Justice Petition from other Canadians who believe the laws need to change. We are asking the Federal Government of Canada to implement mandatory minimum sentencing for someone convicted of impaired driving causing a death.

We are also asking the Federal Government to change the
offense of impaired driving causing a death, and redefine it as Vehicular Manslaughter, because in reality this is what it is.

Individually, we can't do it alone. We need the support from many other people who share our sentiments, and to help support us by having them add their signatures to our Petition so the Federal Government will hear the voice of the citizens of Canada.

We ask everyone who sees this or hears about us, to please go to our site, and print off a copy of the Petition. Then ask your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to sign it, and return it to the address indicated on it.

Together we CAN make a difference! If we never try, nothing will ever change. We need to speak up in unison as a Society, and let the law makers know that it is not acceptable for drunk drivers who cause the death of an innocent person to just get a slap on the wrist. They have committed the murder of an unsuspecting citizen, and to use the excuse oh "I was drunk" will not be accepted or tolerable in this society any longer. Currently the accused may get a few months in jail, yet our families receive a lifetime sentence. In our case, our daughter Kassandra received a death sentence.

I'm asking people across this nation to please stand up and speak up for the innocent people who have had their voices taken away, and their families broken hearted. If we don't, then many more will continue to lose their lives and nothing will change.

Thank you for reading, and Blessings to every one for your much appreciated thoughts and prayers.

Markita and Victor


Submitted by: Families for Justice

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