Ric McIver says province hasn’t made decision on whether to pursue plan

Alberta Transportation Minister Ric McIver said he sees merit in the police proposal to seize the vehicles of excessive speeders, but no decision has been made whether to pursue the idea.

Edmonton police Chief Rod Knecht and the Calgary Police Service both said earlier this week they would like Alberta to draft legislation that allows them to temporarily take the rides of drivers travelling too quickly.

But how fast is too fast?

In British Columbia, police can seize vehicles going more than 40 km/h over posted limits, while police in Ontario can do the same at 50 km/h over.

“The idea has merit as long as we reach the level of severity that Albertans would support as a reasonable seriousness of the offence to justify it,” McIver said Friday.

“From what I’ve heard, Albertans are not all of one mind on what the appropriate level of severity would have to be.”

The idea is currently under consideration and no timeline has been set to make a decision.

Currently in Alberta, drivers get six demerit points, fines of at least $350 and a mandatory appearance in court before a judge for driving 50 km/h over the speed limit.

“I certainly feel strongly that B.C.’s level of 40 km/h (over the limit) is too low. I feel strongly about that,” he said.

The Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police will discuss the issue at their next meeting in November.

“(Police have) a very important voice, not the only important voice, but certainly they have a unique perspective being one of the first responders that see the results of excess speeding in a very upfront and graphic way. Consequently, I think their opinion is worthy of hearing.”

Edmonton’s police chief said this week that more that half of the city’s crash fatalities this year have involved speeding.


Source: The Calgary Herald


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