Alexa Middelaer, 4, died when hit by a car in Delta, B.C., in 2008

Alexa Middelaer's mother, Laurel, finds some hope eight years after her daughter's death

For the last eight years Laurel Middelaer has hoped drunk driving would become socially unacceptable, and now she sees a light.

"Change has happened," she said.

Her daughter Alexa died in 2008 at the age of four after being mowed down by a drunk driver while feeding a horse in Delta.

On Wednesday, 102 police were added to Alexa's team — a  program that recognizes RCMP and municipal police officers in B.C. who help take drunk drivers off the road.  

Laurel Middelaer says she's grateful for all the support she's received and the progress that's been made in making drunk driving socially unacceptable.

In order to be a part of the team, an officer needs to nab at least 12 drivers who are under the influence.

Middelaer says after Alexa's death, her family vowed to see the good in life.

"The men and women of Alexa's team and those of you who labour so faithfully for road safety in our province are the good that we see and it is the good that we celebrate," she said.  

"Great progress has occurred because of your dedication.  Our province has become safer, lives have been saved and families have their loved ones home with them all because of you."

A total of 1,639 members are now part of Alexa's team

Source: CBC News BC


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