Constable Chad Vincent of the Central Saanich Police Service, centre, was recognized and named to Alexa’s Team. Constable Anil Apa was also named to the team.

Four local police officers have been working hard to rid the region’s road of impaired drivers and are being recognized for their efforts.

They, alongside other officers from across the province, were named to Alexa’s Team. The honour is named after a young girl, Alexa Middelaer, who was killed by a drunk driver in 2008 while feeding a horse at the side of a lower mainland road. A team was created in her name and police in B.C are recognized based on their focus of taking impaired drivers off the road.

Constables Scott Seutter and Kent Nelson of Sidney North Saanich RCMP have been named to the Alexa’s Team for their work in 2015. They are joined by Constable Chad Vincent and Constable Anil Apa of the Central Saanich Police Service. Nelson was named to the all star team — which means he took a significant number of impaired drivers off the road in 2015.

MADD Canada, ICBC, the RCMP and supporters of Alexa’s Team gathered on April 27 to recognize 246 officers from around the province.

Alexa’s parents were also present at the emotional ceremony to hand out the awards to officers.

“As a family, it is our privilege to recognize the members of Alexa’s Team whom have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of our communities,” said Alexa’s mother, Laurel. “It is good and right to acknowledge and thank those who individually and collectively make an enormous difference, each and every day.

“In the wake of the tragic loss of our daughter ... this is one event that allows our family to find some needed good. These members are heroes and deserve our appreciation.”

Events will be held in Vancouver, Kelowna and Prince George to recognize officers in each region.

Since 2008, members of Alexa’s Team have processed more than 71,300 impaired driving penalties for alcohol and drug related driving offences, with the total number of members on Alexa’s Team having grown from 26 to 1,885.


Source: Peninsula News

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