DJ Hancock was killed in a crash on Hwy. 17 in the summer of 2014


The hockey-themed Splash Pad of Champions will keep South End children cool (and physically active) on hot summer days for years to come.

DJ Hancock won't soon be forgotten. He'll be remembered by his family and friends, and by his teammates on the Nickel Capital Wolves. But come next Wednesday, he'll be remembered by generations of young Sudburians to come when the DJ Hancock Memorial Park opens on WalfordRoad.

Hancock was just 18 on Aug. 21, 2014. He was driving on Highway 17 when a drunk driver smashed into the vehicle the teen was driving, killing him and forever altering the trajectory of the lives of those who loved him.

The DJ Hancock Memorial Park opens July 27. It is named in honour of 18-year-old DJ Hancock, who was killed by an impaired driver in a crash in August 2014

In the intervening two years, his parents and sister have spoken out against impaired driving, attempting to educate young people about the risks of doing so, and pushed for stiffer sentences for those convicted of impaired driving-related offences.

But they've also worked to keep Hancock's memory alive in other ways. The Splash Pad of Champions in Memory of DJ Hancock is one such endeavour. The hockey-themed park will keep South End children cool (and physically active) on hot summer days for years to come. 

The family fundraised to make the park a reality and received a great deal of community support.

The splash pad opens next week on Walford Road on municipal property adjacent to Lockerby Composite School. Hancock's family and members of the Splash Pad of Champions committee will join Mayor Brian Bigger for the opening of the splash pad and the DJ Hancock Memorial Park.

The park opens July 27. Ward 10 Coun. Fern Cormier will also be on hand, as will children from South End summer playground programs who will be able to enjoy the splash pad and park for the first time.

Sudbury.com will also be on hand to bring you coverage of the opening, as well as video of the unique hockey-themed splash pad.

Source: Sudbury News


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