Family and friends gathered in Saskatoon on Saturday to play hockey and remember a teen killed by a drunk driver in 2013.

Three years have passed since Quinn Stevenson’s parents held the first memorial hockey day in their son’s name. It started as a game of scrimmage and has turned into a way of giving back to the community.

“This year, we’ve really gone to paying it forward,” said Bonny Stevenson, Quinn’s mother. “It’s warmed our hearts to be able to give back, and doing it in Quinn’s name is just perfect because sport was important to him and he was a good, community-minded guy.”

In 2013, Robin John was driving impaired and ran a red light. He hit Quinn’s vehicle, killing the 17-year-old in the crash. John received a two-year sentence.

“Coming to the rink and seeing everybody having a good time and enjoying themselves, that kind of puts a happy spin on something that normally could be sad,” said Craig Stevenson, Quinn’s father.

For this year’s event, the Stevensons are collecting used hockey equipment and raising money for the Kinsman Hockey League.

“This day has always been about doing great things for the community, just doing things the way that Quinn wanted them done,” said E.J. Babey, past commissioner of the Saskatoon Redwings.

Saskatchewan has the highest rate of impaired driving in Canada. The Stevensons hope that a day honouring their loss will remind people of the consequences of drinking and driving.

“I think every time we have a function in Quinn’s name and we get some media attention, I hope people always remember that Quinn was killed by a drunk driver,” Bonny said. “Don’t do it. Do not get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.”

Source: CTV News Saskatoon

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